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Testing New Asset Class
Article By: Tyler Durden
Wednesday, February 5, 2020 4:36 AM EDT
Tradable collectibles
In this article: AAPL
Zxzx Aasas
Podcast By: Sjuuwbwue
Tuesday, January 3, 2017 3:52 AM EDT
In this podcast: AAPL, GOOG, MSFT
My First Article
Article By: Oliver Mani
Wednesday, May 6, 2015 11:33 PM EDT
Wow, am so excited!!!
Prosperity Amidst The Ruins
Article By: Charles Hugh Smith
Wednesday, November 26, 2014 4:47 AM EDT
The fundamental problem facing the global economy is not slow economic growth but political inequality.
If Output Is Near Potential, Why Is Inflation So Low?
Article By: Menzie Chinn
Wednesday, November 26, 2014 4:08 AM EDT
There is a lot of discussion of how economic slack is fast disappearing, and I expect a lot of push on this view, given continued rapid growth in GDP.
HSBC's Swiss Private Banking Unit Charged With Providing Unregistered Services To U.S. Clients
Article By: Global Economic Intersection
Wednesday, November 26, 2014 3:24 AM EDT
The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged HSBC’s Swiss-based private banking arm with violating federal securities laws by failing to register with the SEC before providing cross-border brokerage and investment advisory services to U.S.
The Fed To Raise Interest Rates Early?
Article By: Sprout Money
Tuesday, November 25, 2014 4:36 PM EDT
According to a few economists, the odds of the Fed raising interest rates sooner than expected are only getting higher.
BEA Revises 3rd Quarter 2014 GDP Growth Upwards To 3.89% Annualized Rate
Article By: Rick Davis
Tuesday, November 25, 2014 12:57 PM EDT
In their second estimate of the US GDP for the third quarter of 2014, the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) reported that the economy was growing at a +3.89% annualized rate.
For Whom The Consumer Confidence Bell Tolls
Article By: Lee Adler
Tuesday, November 25, 2014 12:33 PM EDT
The trend is your friend, but maybe not when it extends to meet a secular downtrend.
The Most Important Move To Make Now With Your Investments
Article By: Douglas Goldstein
Tuesday, November 25, 2014 11:43 AM EDT
Everyone has the chance to do well in the money world, so don’t give up.
Personal Consumption Expenditures: October 2014 Preview
Article By: James Picerno
Tuesday, November 25, 2014 10:30 AM EDT
US personal consumption spending for October is projected to rise 0.3%.
October 2014 Coincident Indicator Review: Economy's Rate Of Growth Remains Nearly Constant
Article By: Steven Hansen
Tuesday, November 25, 2014 10:12 AM EDT
There is general agreement that the economy is expanding - all show the rate of growth is nearly flat (not increasing or decreasing to any significant degree) - and the growth is remaining fairly stable.
Black Friday 2014: What Are Retailers Expecting
Article By: Charles Sizemore
Tuesday, November 25, 2014 10:00 AM EDT
The holiday shopping season seems to start a little earlier every year.
In this article: DIS, TGT, WMT
Fundamental Analysis Made Easy
Article By: Manny Backus
Tuesday, November 25, 2014 8:10 AM EDT
There has been radical shift in the way most investors make decisions. Today most every investor and trader uses technical analysis to make buying and selling decisions in the stock market.
Q4:2014 US GDP Nowcast: +2.1%
Article By: James Picerno
Tuesday, November 25, 2014 7:07 AM EDT
US economic growth is on track to decelerate in this year’s fourth quarter, based on The Capital Spectator’s median point forecast for several econometric estimates.
Global Business Confidence Collapses To Post-Lehman Lows
Article By: Tyler Durden
Tuesday, November 25, 2014 6:34 AM EDT
Optimism falling sharply in October, dropping to the lowest seen since the survey began five years ago. Hiring and investment plans were also at or near post-crisis lows, while price expectations deteriorated further.
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