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Inneractive is a global programmatic ad stack for mobile publishers focusing on video, hyper-local and in-app search advertising.
Inneractive is a transparent SSP and yield optimization platform adopted by new media publishers and used by top DSPs, and premium networks.

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Mobile Once Again Following In The Footsteps Of The Web With Deep Linking And “App Constellations”
There has been something very interesting happening in the mobile space for months now and very few people have noticed it.
Consumer Reports Addresses The Famous IPhone 6 Plus Bend Gate. Can We Move On Now?
Another year, another iPhone launch, another scandal about a fundamental flaw in the new phone that goes viral on social media, then turns out to be nonsense.
EBay Is Bringing Back In-App Mobile Ads
Remember how EBay was testing out mobile ads back in 2012, and ultimately decided against them? Their execs felt that the revenue stream that came out of the in-app ads wasn’t worth the hassle behind-the-scenes, so the ads were removed.
Why Facebook’s Messenger App Isn’t Evil
Ah, the Facebook Messenger App. The app everybody apparently loves to hate. Well, why not, right? Facebook is forcing everyone to adopt the standalone mobile messaging app, so it’s natural to assume that it would invade our privacy.
The Reason Why Facebook Is Swimming In Money
The worlds largest social network is making headlines once again. No, this doesn’t have anything to do with acquisitions for Internet.org. Now we’re talking money.
Mobile Ads Are Stealing The Spotlight From TV, Social, And More
In our lifetimes, we have witnessed many shifts in ad spending. The switch from analog to digital happened really quickly, but it didn’t stop there.


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