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Rick holds a BA in Electronic Business Processes from The University Saint Cyril and Methodius - Skopje, Faculty of Economics and Science, Republic Of Macedonia. Rick currently works as a Economist and Financial News Editor at TalkMarkets. PL


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Testing Featured Video.
ETF Battles: Which Biotech Stock ETF Is The Better Choice? - It's IBB Vs. XBI
It's ETF Battles time, and in today's episode we'll be comparing the two biotech giants iShares Biotechnology ETF (IBB) Vs. SPDR S&P ETF (XBI).
Energy Crisis Great Reset
A discussion about the energy cliff and its implications on the future economy and asset values.
How To 10X Your Account Trading 0-DTE
What to expect when starting with a small day trading account? And what to do to increase your profits.
Using Cycle Analysis To Identify Bullish And Bearish Timing
Enjoy a clip from the latest episode of the askSlim Market Week. Watch Arvi use the askSlim Cycle and Technical Analysis methodology to 12 stocks.
Currency Crisis Continues
How do Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other cryptocurrencies affect Fiat currencies?
What's The Biden Administration Up To?
Here's a discussion about the legislation and combat in Washington and the impact it'll have on your investments.
Inflation Surged 6.8% In November, More Than Expected, The Fastest Rate Since 1982
Inflation surged 6.8% in November, more than expected, the fastest rate since 1982. The latest government inflation report was released this morning, and good lord was it a big one.
First Look ETF: High Yield Strategies For Dividend Income Investors
In this episode of First Look ETF Extra, Katy Temple @ETFguide talks with Lance McGray, Head of ETFs at Advisors Asset Management about dividend income strategies in the ETF marketplace.
Win Big With A Mix Of Silver Gold, Copper, Uranium, And Altcoin Miners | David Smith
With a few carefully selected "best of breed" companies from each of these resource sub-sectors, you can keep from being worn out or shaken out during the inevitable retracements, while harvesting big profits from their evolving bull market runs.
A Dove Can’t Change Its Feathers
Greedy business owners are the main people to blame for the inflation according to Elizabeth Warren.
Which Stock Is Better - Ford Vs. Elon Musk & Tesla?
Which stock is a better investment, Ford (F) or Tesla (TSLA)?
Gold’s Following A Historical Path
Two analogs show that Gold could break $1900 in March 2022 and begin its ascent shortly thereafter.
Hewlett Packard Stock To Buy Now
After Hewlett Packard spun off Hewlett Packard Enterprises the company unleashed its growth potential.
SPDR-ETF Video For Monday, Nov. 15
A review of the day's trading in various SPDR-ETF markets for the trading day just ended.
Massively Unchanged Finish Hides Strength In Utilities And Energy
While the market is treading water, the Utilities and Energy sectors finished strongly.
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