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Peter Schiff is the CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, an SEC-Registered Investment Adviser and a full service broker/dealer. He is also Chairman of SchiffGold, his precious metals dealer, more

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The Truth About Gold And The American Dream
“I don’t know how the Dutch were able to succeed where the Germans failed [in repatriating their gold]
Peter Schiff To Krugman: It’s Too Early To Declare A Fed Victory
Peter responded to the hit-piece, explaining to Krugman why he’s declaring a Keynesian victory far too early.
The Clock Is Ticking In Switzerland
For most of my career in international investing, I had always placed a great deal of faith in Switzerland's financial markets.
Rickards: Fed Won’t Raise Rates In 2015
Since Janet Yellen’s Federal Reserve has put an end to quantitative easing, the financial media generally believes the United States economy is improving. Video length: 3:32.
Don’t Wait For Gold’s Official Bottom To Buy
The big disconnect right now is between the real state of the US economy and the fantasy land that a lot of investors believe exists. Video length 13:55.
The Abenomics Death Spiral
Data out this week shows the Japanese economy returning to recession by contracting for the second straight quarter (and three out of the last four quarters).
Gold’s Rise Will Take A Rocket, Not The Stairs
If the ECB is going to buy more gold – which I think would be smart, because I think the price is going to go a lot higher – it’s not to counter low inflation. Maybe that’s what they’re talking about, but low inflation is not a threat. Video length 10:02.
BoJ To Relieve Consumers' Struggle With Rising Prices By Creating More Inflation
Investors and economist were shocked to learn that Japan has now slipped back officially into recession. Audio length 26:25.
Start Your Own Gold Standard
The truth is that you do not need to rely on your government and central bank to maintain a gold standard.
Explosive Daily Upside Reversal In Gold Portends Potential Bottom
False consumer confidence as a contrarian indicator; why QE4 is coming; what the big move up in gold means for Monday.
Only A Major Crash Will Change The Economic Narrative
We no longer have honest price discovery anywhere in the markets. Everything is driven by the word clouds and the liquidity injections in the short run, by not only the Fed – our central bank – but all the central banks of the world are doing the same thing. Video length 28:43.
Low-Paying Jobs And Student Debt Undermining Marriage
Peter Schiff talks about student debt and low paid jobs. (Audio Length: 00:14:37)
Contemplating Stocks Without QE
Some influences on the stock market are casual, subtle or open to interpretation, but the catalyst behind the current stock market rally really shouldn't be controversial.
Peter Schiff Exclusive Interview With Axel Merk
Peter Schiff with Axel Merk discussing the role of physical gold in an investment portfolio. (Video Length: 00:11:45)
With Abenomics Failing & Yen Falling, Is Gold Bottoming?
The Japanese Yen just fell to a new seven year low relative to the US Dollar. (Audio Length: 00:10:25)
US Dollar Will Lose Reserve Status By End Of Decade
Renowned author and investor Jim Rogers appeared on RT yesterday to share his thoughts about the end of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Video length 3:04.
1 to 16 of 74 Posts
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