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Rick holds a BA in Electronic Business Processes from The University Saint Cyril and Methodius - Skopje, Faculty of Economics and Science, Republic Of Macedonia. Rick currently works as a Economist and Financial News Editor at TalkMarkets.

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India's Biggest Ever Initial Public Offering Crashes 27% On IPO Day
Just like the rest of global equity markets, 2021 has been a monumental year for Indian stocks and it culminated overnight with the nation's biggest ever IPO.
Bitcoin Taproot Is Live & Here’s What You Should Know
The activation of Bitcoin's Taproot upgrade went live this week. The update comes just as it appeared that Ethereum was about to overtake Bitcoin.
Gold’s Following A Historical Path
Two analogs show that Gold could break $1900 in March 2022 and begin its ascent shortly thereafter.
Ford And GM Will Develop Their Own Microchips To Combat Shortages
To combate shortages, the top automakers will align with computer-chip makers to develop and potentially manufacture chips.
Support Test In The Russell 2000
All action appears to be focused on the Russell 2000 as it drifted toward breakout support as other indices protect their swing low rallies.
Best ETFs For The Infrastructure Boom & Megatrends
A discussion on the $1 trillion infrastructure law, Build Back Better framework and investing themes for 2022.
You Have Not Missed It
Recently, 10-year inflation breakevens reached 2.78% – matching the all-time highs (since TIPS were issued in 1997) from 2005.
Hewlett Packard Stock To Buy Now
After Hewlett Packard spun off Hewlett Packard Enterprises the company unleashed its growth potential.
Gold-O-Mania Is Coming
Are we today seeing Bitcoinomania similar to Tulipomania in the 1630s?
Everything Is Now In Place For A Potential Market Correction
Stocks were mainly lower today, as we saw risk-off take hold of several asset classes.
U.S. Stocks Fall On Risk-Off Mood; Russell 2000 Dives As Small Caps Take A Tumble
U.S. stocks stalled near record highs and declined Wednesday amid risk-off sentiment on fears that red-hot CPI readings triggered by supply chain snags could complicate the recovery.
Cryptocurrencies Get A Healthy Reset
Pretty much everyone in crypto is hurting this week, with the overall Cryptocurrency market cap decreasing by over $300 billion since Sunday, Nov. 14.
2022 FX Outlook: Liquid Allsorts
2022 stands to be a further year of convalescence and recovery in the global economy.
Cloud Stocks: Shopify Expands PaaS Integrations
Earlier last month, Ontario-based Shopify announced its quarterly results that missed market expectations.
Biden-Xi "summit" Leaves Markets Unmolested, While Bailey Continues To Blame Investors For Misunderstanding Him
The much-heralded Biden-Xi meeting left little impression on the capital markets.  Equities in the region were mixed, and China's main markets fell, alongside Australia, South Korea, and India.
Q3 2021 U.S. Retail Scorecard
Because of last year’s store closures, consumers went online to make purchases. As a result, “online sales” is one of the least disruptive measures.
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