E Two Investment Options For The Security Sector Bull Market

Skyfence focuses on finding those cloud applications users are using without the IT team's knowledge. The application tracks usage by existing system logs and even provides statistics on amount of usage. Not only does this provide management data on what services are being used, it can begin to map for companies how much of their private information is leaving the company campus for other datacenters.

Data that is not secured by contract with third parties represents risk not previously captured in existing corporate estimates. Products like Skyfence will shine a light on just how much private information has been disclosed, and to whom, while allowing information security personnel to prevent data loss using new automated systems. 

Incapsula provides DDoS protection and web application security. By mitigating the effects of DDoS, companies can ensure systems, products, and sales availability. DDoS protection has become a business continuity requirement for most companies due to the damaging affects lost sales and system downtime has affected online transactions.

Web application security covers the risk of direct attacks on datacenters through web-facing applications such as customer web portals and user applications. Existing web application security includes expensive internal penetration testing and software patch procedures that take time to implement, leaving vulnerabilities I have seen that can expose critical data open often as long as 180 days or more. Proactive web application protection such as what Incapsula provides allow administrators to shield these vulnerabilities now while they are being fixed. 

The reason I am excited about Imperva is because they are operating on the new security model based on the latest cyber crime trends. Traditional security employed at most companies does not typically address trends well, and is woefully inadequate to deal with the current cyber threat landscape. For that reason, the innovative solutions provided by companies like Imperva will drive the new security product market. Look for strong long term growth as the company eventually grows into profits. The balance sheet is fine and investors should line up to fund this company's operations as long as they continue positive sales. 

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