Top 4 Stock Trading Apps Of 2018

As an increasing number of people start to take control of their investing and retirement plans, the products and services available to retail investors have increased dramatically in number and quality.

The growing number of young investors, in particular, has led to a booming growth in stock trading apps, which offer the ease-of-access to information and trading platforms that tech-savvy young people demand.

Top Stock Trading Apps

Out of this burgeoning industry, we have 4 that we consider to be the best stock trading apps. Let’s briefly review each one of these 4 apps to find out more about them and discover which ones are the right choice for your online trading needs.

TradeStation Mobile

Costs: Free with TradeStation account. $5.00 per trade or per-share pricing with $1 minimum.

Account Minimum: $500 for stock trading account.

Android Compatible: Yes.


• Full access to the high-quality TradeStation trading platform.

• Tons of research and education features.


• Lack of ETF and mutual funds products and research.

• Extensive fees for market data.

Special Features:

• Traders can sell their trading algorithms on the TradeStation Trading App Store.

TradeStation is considered to be the top choice for serious traders who want a trading platform that is directly below institutional quality. TradeStation is unparalleled in the industry when it comes to research, algorithm-building and functionality.

However, while top traders may be willing to pay for these high-quality features, most casual traders may find that using TradeStation is a little on the expensive side.

The TradeStation Mobile App offers seamless access to your desktop TradeStation account, making it ideal for serious traders who are on the go.

eSignal Mobile

Costs: 50$-300$ per month subscription plans. $35 additional one-time fee for mobile app. Commissions depend on broker partner.

Account Minimum: None.

Android Compatible: No.


• eSignal is considered by many to be the best source for information and analytics for technical traders.

• Discounts on yearly subscriptions.


• Limited analytic access through mobile app.

• Additional fees for data.

• Trading fees and commissions depend on the choice of broker partner, which can add complexity to cross-asset trading strategies.

eSignal has long been the go-to trading platform for traders who need the highest quality data and analytic software.

While other trading platforms may offer a more accessible and intuitive range of analysis tools, eSignal ensures that its clients have the full comprehensive range of technical indicators, so that practically any conceivable analysis can be performed.

Unfortunately, the mobile app only offers limited access to eSignal’s strong analytic tools. While traders can use the mobile app to track their existing charts, their access to these charts is limited when using the mobile app.

However, this still means that traders can use eSignal’s stock trading app to enter and exit trades based on existing analysis.

The high cost of eSignal’s products and data is a turn-off for many traders, but those traders who prize deep analytics above all else are willing to pay the higher fees.

Benzinga iOs App

Costs: Free to $200 per month for Benzinga account. Mobile app is free.

Account Minimum: None.

Android Compatible: No.


• High-quality source of trade data and news for low price.

• Mobile app offers full access to products and services.

• Very convenient source of news with inviting displays.


• Limited source of real-time data.

• Not competitive with the best news and data sources in the industry.

Benzinga is used by traders as a simple and comfortable source of market news and data. While most traders will use other more in-depth sources of data for analysis, Benzinga is a useful product for catching up on the latest market news and tracking existing investments.

This makes Benzinga a natural transplant to a mobile platform, and they ensured that the mobile version has all the same ease-of-use and inviting comfort as the desktop version.

However, many traders are unwilling to pay extra for an additional product that only offers things they already get from more extensive news and data sources in the industry.

Most people who choose to pay for Benzinga do so because they like the news-style presentation, as opposed to more plain and serious sources of market information.

The mobile app offers everything that existing Benzinga customers have come to expect, with the added convenience of being able to access their Benzinga app on the go.

TD Ameritrade Mobile App

Costs: $9.99 per trade.

Account Minimum: None.

Android Compatible: Yes.


• Almost full access to TD Ameritrade’s highly successful ThinkorSwim or Trade Architect trading platforms.

• Mobile app can be linked to other TD mobile apps.

• Simple and intuitive display for casual and beginner traders.

• High-quality customer support.


• Higher than average commissions.

• Limited resources for advanced traders.

TD Ameritrade’s Mobile app, not to be confused with the similarly named Mobile Trader, offers beginner and casual level traders access to market information and trading, intended for non-professional investors and traders.

That said, all of TD Ameritrade’s trading products can be linked, so it is easy to switch from one view of your trading account to another depending on your needs at the time.

Some advanced traders may prefer TD Ameritrade Mobile’s simple interface when they are merely checking up on their portfolio or market news, and then use more advanced products when researching and executing actual trades.

The lack of subscription fees and account minimum is balanced by the significantly higher commissions that TD Ameritrade clients pay. However, the mobile app offers great access to the market for traders who make few trades.

Final Thoughts

These are the best apps for stock trading in our opinion and we think you will agree. Each of these extremely popular mobile stock trading apps offers different advantages to different traders.

If you need full access to the highest quality information and analytics anywhere in the world, then TradeStation Mobile is likely your best choice.

If you want a simple and comfortable source of market news for browsing during your commute or on a break, then Benzinga's mobile app is probably best.

Which of the top 4 stock trading apps of 2018 you choose will depend on your individual needs, but you can be assured that all your trading needs can be met by the exciting new products that are emerging to meet the growing demand for online trading.

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