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Brad Zigler's stints as a contributing editor for the Corporate Communications Broadcast Network, the Journal of Indexes, and CRB Trader set the stage for his role as managing editor of Hard Assets Investor and later as alternative investments editor of Registered Rep. magazine, the most ... more


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EC Are Real Estate ETF Yields Still A Bargain?
This year’s winner in the alternative investment space is—wait for it—real estate.
Gold Too Pricey Or Oil Too Cheap
The price of oil and of gold are daily fodder for the financial media. Lately, minute-by-minute fluctuations in the value of the commodities have been followed breathlessly by pundits and punters, looking for either prophesy or profit.
Time For A Gold/Silver ETF
While gold and silver tumbled from their lofty heights over the past 3½ years, the ratio’s risen to near historic levels.
Are Consumer Stocks Forecasting A Dip?
Looking for the bellwether of the U.S. economy? Think consumer goods stocks.
EC What’s Gold Really Worth?
Technically, GLD seems poised to test the $100 level (the ETF was trading near $112 at press time).
EC Time To Hedge Your Bond Bets?
An effective hedge depends on leverage. After all, it makes little sense to invest large wads of cash to stave off comparatively modest losses.
Gold Set For A New Tumble?
Have you noticed how much gold’s bullish momentum has slowed? The SPDR Gold Trust dipped below its 21-day exponential moving average at the close Thursday—for the first time in ten trading sessions.
Gold And Oil Prices Driving You Up The Wall?
Gold is overpriced whenever the ratio trades above its long-term mean.
EC Fear And Loathing On Wall Street
Psst! Wanna see something scary? Take a peek at the price spread between the iShares TIPS Bond ETF (NYSE Arca: TIP) and the iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF (NYSE Arca: IEF). It’s collapsing. Again.
Wall Of Worry: Another Spooky October?
The fourth quarter got off to a bad start. Will it end badly as well?
Inflation? Nope, Not Yet
The yield spread between conventional 10-year Treasury notes and their inflation-protected siblings shrank to 1.99 percent on Monday, the narrowest since June 2013.
Active Management Under The Microscope
So-called “active share” metrics may point to the extent, and cost, of active management in a fund, but other measures can sometimes give more transparent details.
Recession Probabilities
The trouble with the recession probability is its time lag. A lot’s happened since June, so what do you do in interregnums such as this?
A Relative View Of Volatility
To the chagrin of many metals investors, gold’s tumbled through some key support levels last week. Bullion was off 2.2 percent through Thursday. Friday started off—and ended—badly.
EC When 'Mean' Means 'Nice' For Stock Bulls
“Mean reversion” is an oft-touted phrase in financial parlance. It simply describes a tendency, real or perceived, for interest rates, security prices or economic indicators to return to their long-term averages after short-term excursions.
EC The Case For Currencies
Adding currency exposure – at least in the form of a carry trade product – can improve risk-adjusted returns compared to other alternative investments.
1 to 16 of 16 Posts