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Michael is a managing partner at FMD Capital Management, a fee-only registered investment advisory firm specializing in exchange-traded funds. Michael is the leader of the FMD investment committee where he implements actively-managed income portfolios using ... more


Emerging Market Bonds: Where Do We Go From Here
Investors that were early to identify the attractive valuations following the volatility in emerging market bonds in early 2014 are still sitting atop a pile of gains, yet in recent months new investors haven’t experienced the same steady uptrend.
What’s Next For Credit-Heavy Closed End Funds?
High-yield bonds are one of the worst performing bond sectors so far in 2014. But with so many closed end funds relying on them to lever up cash flows from borrowed capital, what should investors expect between now and year-end?
How Long Will Equity Income ETFs Remain Strong?
With nearly every major index giving back the majority of its 2014 gains during the month of October, have interest-rate-sensitive stocks sidestepped the volatility altogether or have they merely postponed the inevitable?
Why BOND Still Might Be In A Class Of Its Own
The over-publicized departure of Bill Gross from the fixed income goliath he founded roughly 30 years ago has brought about some interesting crosscurrents in recent fund-flow statistics.
How Preferred Stocks Can Add Income To Your Retirement Portfolio
For nearly a year preferred stocks have been in what could be labeled as the perfect storm of stable to falling interest rates and solid stock market performance.
Bond Fund Investors Should Lower Duration
f the decline in bonds last summer put a serious dent in your portfolio, it’s time to circle the wagons so that future interest rate leaps won’t leave you scrambling to make changes at the most inopportune time.




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