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Is Labor Force Participation Dropping Due To A Falling Labor Share?
9 years ago
I say the government numbers are total BS.
It’s Our Money With Ellen Brown – Who Really Owns Your Home?
10 years ago
Ellen, If somebody is borrowing short -term, to pay anything other than emergency bills, they are on the road to bankruptcy whether its from a payday lender or at normal lending rates. Unless a big rise in income is on tap, they will never make a dent in the prinicpal.
It’s Our Money With Ellen Brown – Eminent Domain To The Rescue?
10 years ago
Use of eminent domain to get around the rule of law is one of the worst ideas ever put forward. It represents illegal taking of private property.
Warren, Steve, Or Bill: Qui Es Mas Macho?
10 years ago
Nicely put together, Kris. You... and the article.
In this article: BRK-A, AAPL, MSFT
Chart Of The Day - PPL Corp (PPL)
10 years ago
Buying the new highs list sounds insane. Why be the fool who pays more than anybody else for the same merchandise?
In this article: PPL
5 Solid Large Caps
10 years ago
Utility stocks like SRE and SO look extremely overvalued to me.
In this article: PSA, SO, SRE, VNO, PSX
Which One Of These Is Not Like The Other?
10 years ago
Our government is lying to the public about almost everything these days. The mainstream media makes it possible by not challenging the assertions as you just did.
Podcast: The Legality Of Using Eminent Domain To Stem Foreclosures
10 years ago
Taking mortgages away from thier rightful owners without consent is immoral and should be illegal. It represents government abuse and denial of property rights.
Why It Doesn't Matter How Many Obamacare Enrolless Were Uninsured Last Year
10 years ago
Costs cannot decline for everybody. Many people have to pay extra to provide 'free' coverage to others. Many of the bronze plans have maximum out of pocket costs of $6,500 per year, which can nevre be paid by most of the people buying the plans. The ACA is a piece of sh*t menat to destroy the present system while causing so much pain and disruption that only 'single payer' can 'fix' it. It will bring horrible, medicaid-quality care to those who have had good care previously. It will increase costs greatly while it enriches laywers and politicians.
Why It Doesn't Matter How Many Obamacare Enrolless Were Uninsured Last Year
10 years ago
Failure to do cost/benefit analysis on the ACA makes this article's arguments total garbage.
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