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Rick holds a BA in Electronic Business Processes from The University Saint Cyril and Methodius - Skopje, Faculty of Economics and Science, Republic Of Macedonia. Rick currently works as a Economist and Financial News Editor at TalkMarkets. PL


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What Does The U.S. November Jobs Report Tell Us?
On the latest edition of Market Week in Review, Chief Investment Strategist for North America, Paul Eitelman, and Senior Client Investment Analyst Chris Kyle discussed the U.S. employment report for November and the uptick in market volatility.
Setting Expectations
A few thoughts about setting expectations for portfolio returns for the next ten years.
Best ETFs For The Infrastructure Boom & Megatrends
A discussion on the $1 trillion infrastructure law, Build Back Better framework and investing themes for 2022.
Big Tech, Tesla & An ETF To Invest In Disruption
Tesla (TSLA) recently entered the exclusive $1 trillion market capitalization club and Gene believes it could be a $2.5 trillion company in the next five years.
Backdoor To Monarchy
Slate Money talks about Facebook’s move to Meta, taxing billionaires, and the new Hertz-Tesla deal.
Relax, Don’t Do It!
A look at the most common mistakes even the most experienced investors make and how can that be avoided.
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